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    Polymères Technologies is proud of its work in implementing thermosetting systems for clients from diverse business sectors all across North America.

    Development of specific compounds and systems:

    Development of a thixotropic laminating resin TECHNO LAM 8108 designed to repair aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon-resistant underground pipelines used in the petrochemical industry. 

    Development of a thixotropic, epoxy laminating system with variable reactivity TECHNO LAM 8882, 8884 and 8887 designed to repair underground conduits used in the field of sanitation.

    Development of an epoxy casting resin TECHNO CAST 8101 designed for thermoforming molds exposed to temperatures of 140°C with no need for postcuring.

    Development of a semi-flexible epoxy adhesive TECHNO BOND 8003 with high thermal resistance designed for the structural assembly of aluminum panels and polyisocyanurate used in the installation of timber-drying kilns throughout North America.

    Development of a heat resistant epoxy laminating resin TECHNO FUSION 8000 HT capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 260°C and approved for use in the field of aeronautics.

    Development of an epoxy potting resin TECHNO POTTING 3047 designed to protect ballasts and transformers that meets the CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 74-92 standard.

    Development of a potting resin TECHNO POTTING 8109 designed for electric and electronic components required to meet the UL-94V-0 standard.

    Development of a silicone resin TECHNO SIL 248 designed for inflatable bladders used in making carbon components and approved for use in the field of aeronautics.

    Development of an elastomeric polyurethane adhesive TECHNO BOND 3054 designed for the structural assembly and waterproofing of the polystyrene cores and ABS components used in making the SURFBIKE®and sailboards.

    Development of a structured copolymer adhesif TECHNO BOND 8105 designed for use in assembling the polyester and ceramic components found in Hydro-Québec’s hydroelectric dams.

    Development of an epoxy adhesive TECHNO BOND 8111 for use in the structural assembly of wooden casket covers and panels exposed to climatic changes during transportation from Canada to the United States.

    Development of a thixotropic epoxy resin TECHNO BOND  8110 designed to seal electric and electronic housings and approved for use by several companies that export their products internationally.

    Development of a thixotropic epoxy binding agent TECHNO BINDER 8115 which allows various metallic and other powders to be added during the making of pumice stones used for marble.

    Formulation and marketing of high-temperature versions of TECHNO CAST 8101 systems for thermoforming molds, TECHNO COAT 8020 and TECHNO LAM 8090 for molds and composite parts. These can be used in post-cure schedules of less than five hours, making them the fastest systems in the industry and allowing for exposure of molds and composites parts to temperatures exceeding 350 °F (176 °C).

    Formulation of TECHNO BOND 3055 TX and TECHNO BOND 3056 TX (polyurethane-based thixotropic gel) systems for the structural assembly of thermoplastic and metal parts used in road signage.

    Formulation and marketing of TECHNO BOND 3620 single component adhesive for the structural assembly of polyurethane boards with densities ranging from 6 lb/ft³ to 25 lb/ft³ for CNC tooling applications.

    Numerous formulations of flame-resistant resins for fabricating composite parts (TECHNO LAM 8090 V-0) and for electrical and electronic component potting (TECHNO POTTING 3011 V-0 and 3055 V-0).

    … and we will continue to develop new compounds to meet your specific needs.

    Turnkey solutions:

    Strategic implementation of complete solutions for molding light concrete stones and paving stones including molding resins, stone reproduction resins, release agents for concrete and elastomeric molds, sealants, fillers, pneumatic systems, etc.

    Cutting-edge, effective processes: 

    Successful implementation of pneumatic resin injection systems thereby increasing productivity and efficacy of production teams for many of our clients.

    Successful marketing of two (2) HACCP and FDA approved modified epoxy coatings (463 and 465) for the protection of concrete surfaces exposed to high levels of acidity (pH) in the food and agricultural sectors. These coatings received an honorable mention in the INNOVATION competition of the Salon de l’agriculture (formerly Salon de l’agriculteur), an agricultural show, in 2000.

    Informative courses and seminars:

    Technical courses and seminars offered to a large number of manufacturing companies. These programs have improved the efficiency of the personnel and provided a greater understanding of the chemical processes and inner workings of our various systems.

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