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    In an efficient way and a partnership approach, we offer you a complete inventory for a 24 hours delivery to your emplacement.  We are your partner and recongnize the value of a fast delivery lead time. 

    You can't support waiting and receive imcomplete delivery so we are your solution.

    In beeing a compounder and manufacturer of our own thermoset systems, we control each step of the production procedures.  Upon reception of your orders, we start working ans ship your products in your delays.

    We have more than 750 products in our portfolio.

    You will find below a product listing of our most popular products. Each product was formulated here and validated on the field by our customers since the last 20 years.

    Take note that if you can't  find a product for your application in this strategic listing, we will be more than happy to assist you and recommend the appropriate product for you.

    For an in-depth meeting, or for any additional information you may require, please contact us


  • [+] Adhesives
  • [+] Molding and casting resins
  • [+] Rapid prototyping resins
  • [+] Composite resins
  • [+] Potting compounds
  • [+] Modeling boards
  • [+] Aerospace-grade rigid foam core materials for aircraft
  • [+] Thermoformable foam
  • [+] Bonding agents
  • [+] Release agents
  • [+] Coatings and sealers
  • [+] Résines de moulage à base silicone
  • [+] Miscellaneous
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