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    La créativité se définit par la capacité d'un individu, un groupe ou une entreprise à imaginer, créer et mettre en œuvre un concept, un produit ou une solution originale à un problème ou un besoin.

    Developing a new electrical component that requires a special epoxy potting resin that meets specific standards? Need to create a prototype as soon as possible?

    Call on POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES to modify an existing product or to create a new solution based on your specific criteria. You can rely on our high-performance epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and acrylic-based products to increase your productivity and improve the quality of your products! 

    Over the past ten years, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has developed more than 50 new polymer systems designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. And Polymères Technologies participates in industry events worldwide in order to remain at the forefront of all new trends and technologies on the market.

    Whether you work in CNC machining, molding, electronic composites, plastics and rubber processing, or any other industrial sector, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has everything you need to take your company to the next level.

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