Construction Antimicrobial Polyurethane Adhesive Sealer For Cold Environment – TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST

Antimicrobial Adhesive Sealer for colder Environment ( Fast Curing)

Experience the power of the TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST, a cutting-edge polyurethane compound designed to revolutionize panel sealing and structural assembly. With its UV-resistant and 100% solid formula, this exceptional two-component paste guarantees outstanding performance and zero VOC emissions. Say goodbye to flow problems and hello to a seamless, long-lasting bond. Unparalleled UV Resistance: Ensure the longevity of your panels with the TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST. Its remarkable UV resistance shields your structures from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure, maintaining their integrity and aesthetic appeal.

  • Sealing and Filling
  • UL94 – VO Version
  • Inhibits bacterial and mold growth
  • Antimicrobial product
  • Adheres 100% to Stainless
  • High Thixotropy
  • Eliminate water infiltration
  • Antimicrobial product

Efficient Curing Time: Get back to business swiftly with TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST. This version cures faster than the regular one, making it ideal for colder environments and applications.

Outperforming One-Component Sealers: Unlike traditional one-component sealers, the TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST surpasses expectations with its superior performance. It offers exceptional durability and strength, ensuring a more reliable and long-lasting seal for your wall or ceiling sandwich panels. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best with TECHNO BOND™ 8865TX FAST.