Crystal Clear Deep Pour Epoxy Resin – TECHNO CAST™

Achieve Jaw-Dropping 2-3″ thick Deep pour epoxy resin castings with Crystal-Clear Translucency

Crafted from 100% reactive materials, TECHNO CAST™ ULTRA DEEP POUR offers a high resistance to ultraviolet rays, ensuring that your clear castings remains vibrant and unaffected by sun exposure. Its unique composition allows you to pour a single layer with a thickness of 2 to 3 inches, covering volumes of approximately 30 to 90 liters in a single pour. Experience the seamless flow of creativity as you pour without the worry of shrinkage, resulting in flawlessly smooth surfaces that showcase the natural beauty of your river table.

Experience the epitome of durability and reliability with Le TECHNO CAST™ ULTRA DEEP POUR, a product trusted by craftsmen worldwide for its exceptional quality and long-lasting performance.