Foundry Pattern High Density Polyurethane Board 75lbs – PROMASTER 576

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Abrasion Resistant Machining Polyurethane Board for Foundry Patterns

PROMASTER™ 576 is a high-density polyurethane board specially crafted for CNC-machining foundry patterns, core boxes, and tools requiring high abrasion resistance and impact strength. Its unique formulation makes it an excellent choice for thermoforming clear thermoplastic sheets like acrylic and polycarbonate. This versatile material can be effortlessly milled using hardened-steel cutters, making it perfect for creating prototype molds for clear, thin-gauge thermoplastic sheets. The resulting parts boast outstanding transparency, making PROMASTER™ 576 the top choice for CNC-machining foundry patterns, core boxes, thermoforming tools, and metal forming tools. Elevate your precision tooling projects with PROMASTER™ 576 today.