High Thixotropy Epoxy Adhesive Paste – TECHNO BOND™ 8106

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TECHNO BOND™ 8106, a versatile two-component epoxy adhesive designed to meet your bonding needs. TECHNO BOND™ 8106 is the ultimate solution for repairing cracks, holes, or defects in concrete floors, especially in high-traffic areas. With its exceptional impact resistance, it provides a reliable and lasting fix that can withstand the rigors of industrial and commercial environments. Ideal for production plants, food industry manufacturing facility and construction.

TECHNO BOND™ 8106 is a 100% solids epoxy adhesive that offers superior performance in various applications. It forms a high-thixotropy paste with a controlled exothermic reaction when mixed, making it suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, even up to one inch thick. Whether you’re working with concrete, wood, metal, glass, thermosetting plastics, or ceramics, TECHNO BOND™ 8106 delivers outstanding results.

Key Features:

  • Easy Mixing
  • Impact Resistance
  • Crack Penetration
  • No Festoons
  • Versatile Adhesion
  • High Thixotropy
  • No Withdrawal
  • Easy Cleaning: Can be effortlessly cleaned with POLY CLEANER.