Low Viscosity Polyurethane Potting Resin – TECHNO COATING™ 3055

High-Performance Elastomeric Potting Resin

TECHNO POTTING 3055, a top-tier, two-component elastomeric potting resin with 100% solids. Engineered to safeguard electrical and electronic components, it excels in elongation, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. Benefit from its low viscosity, which ensures seamless potting of small components, minimizing gaps. This versatile resin is perfect for safeguarding various items, including thermal sensors, wiring, relays, connectors, and more. Experience rapid casting flow and bubble-free results with TECHNO POTTING 3055.

  • High-performance potting resin
  • VOC Free, 0% Solvent
  • Elastomeric protection for electronics
  • 100% solids formula
  • Low viscosity 
  • Short Working time – 6 minutes @ 22C/72F
  • Rapid Demolding – 1h @ 22C/72F
  • Bubble-free potting
  • Low Exothermic Reaction