Platinum Cure Silicone Casting Resins – TECHNO SIL™

    TECHNO SIL™ Series Platinum Cure Silicones

    Discover the versatile TECHNO SIL™ Series, two-component Platinum Cure Silicones offering low viscosity, high heat resistance, and excellent flow leveling. Suitable for diverse applications including arts, crafts, aerospace, molding, prototyping and more. This versatile silicone system is suitable for the molding of a variety of products such as arts and crafts, prototyping, architectural elements, jewelry, candles, soap, chocolate, and a myriad of industrial applications including vacuum bagging, wind turbine blades, rock climbing holds, and more.

    Available in 30-45-60 shore A hardness, these silicones retain their properties from 50°C to 200°C. Easy mixing, FDA-grade, and compatible with various materials.

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