Résines, silicones et adhésifs

In this section of our website, you will find most of our ‘liquid resin’ products, including resins, polyurethanes, gelcoats, casting systems,  silicones and adhesives. Our range includes resins for a wide range of applications including molding, laminating, infusion, casting and coating as well as silicones suitable for making moulds and components and engineering adhesives for structural assembly. All our products are formulated using high quality raw materials in order to offer the best results, without compromise. We do not use any chemical agents based on solvents or containing VOCs. Our environmental footprint is based on a conscious approach to our planet and we do not use any harsh chemicals.


Systèmes de résines époxy

Systèmes de résine polyuréthane

Systèmes de résine silicone à durcissement platine