Electronic Epoxy Potting Resin – TECHNO POTTING™ 8102

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TECHNO POTTING™ 8102 is a two-component 100% solid epoxy potting system designed exclusively to safeguard and encapsulate delicate electronic components. With its low viscosity and practical mixing ratio, TECHNO POTTING™ 8102 is ideal for applications using an automatic dispenser and static mixer. In addition, the rapid development of its hardness makes it possible to use encapsulated parts as little as 24 hours after the casting operation. However, the reaction exotherm being relatively high, the encapsulation of large parts is only recommended with the addition of large quantities of large mineral fillers (e.g. sand).

Key features:

  • Economic system
  • High dielectric strength
  • Can be used manually or with dispensing equipment
  • Minimal withdrawal.
  • Fast hardening
  • High resistance to vibration
  • Good balance between hardness and flexibility
  • Fireproof version available, TECHNO POTTING 8102FR.