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Formulating and Crafting advanced epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and more tailored for specific applications

Polymeres Technologies resin epoxy systems

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POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES can provide the expertise you need to reach your goal.

Let’s work together to make all of your projects a success.As an industry leader, our mission is to proactively provide our clients with leading-edge technical know-how about our thermosetting systems.

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Through our dedication to outstanding customer service, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES works as a true business partner with your organization. Our attention to detail and to your needs allow you to pursue your goals effectively and deliver results that meet your expectations.

Polymeres Technologies resin epoxy systems

A creative and dynamic team

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized leader in the field of thermosetting systems. We offer you cutting-edge technical know-how, a vast and varied inventory, and exceptional customer service, all under one roof. Every member of the Polymères Technologies team has in-depth knowledge of our products and their uses.

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More than 25 year experience in the resin industry

Since our company opened its doors in 1996, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES INC has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its strategic partnership approach with its large clientele. Without your confidence in our abilities, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We value this relationship.

About us

Leading Industry of Thermosetting Plastic Materials

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES INC offers integrated strategic solutions that combine a vast array of thermosetting plastic materials withs cutting-edge technical know-how.

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We have developed a multitude of products for uses as specific as: Molding bricks, brick slips, white room panel sealers, architectural moldings, and many others. Structural assembly of concrete pipes. Rehabilitation of subsurface ducts.

Food & Drug Industrie

We offers a complete range of FDA resins that can be used in fields such as the food and medical industries. Our goal is to offer you the best solution, whether your needs are simple or elaborate.


As a compounder and manufacturer of thermosetting resins for the composites and aeronautics industries, our business is intimately familiar with the importance that avionics manufacturers place on the quality of products.

Rigid Polyurethane Boards for Molds & Prototypes

Our advanced polymer materials may be used for casting molds or prototype components, models, molds for extrusion pastes, production molds, founding molds, thermoforming and reproduction molds, high temperature tools and models, and much more.

Laminating and Infusion Resins Systems

With an innovative approach based on the production of tools, molds, and technical parts through a laminating and infusion process, we offer a complete range of high quality epoxy systems that will enable you to produce many different composite applications.

Prefabricated Modular Buildings

Explore our extensive range of adhesives and sealers designed specifically for the prefabricated modular buildings industry. From high-performance adhesives to durable sealers, we have the solutions you need for strong and lasting bonds.

Substatres Protection Coatings

We understands the importance of having the right coating, one that is resistant to abrasions, to ultraviolet rays, to chemical products, and is compatible with the substrate being protected. We have the product you need.

Clear Epoxy Resin Casting Systems

Our epoxy resins are formulated and manufactured with the highest standards and are regulated to the most strict quality control processes. Formulation, Quality Control,Production and packaging takes place in our main state-of-the-art facility. This allows us to offer freshly produced resin to all customers and retailers around the world.


If you are seeking for structural adhesives, repair pastes or sealers, our offer is global and supported by our wide expertise and experiences on the field.You want to assemble or rectify furniture components, simple panels (wood/wood), hybrid assemblies (wood/aluminum), wood/rubber) among others.


Different specialized products


customers around the world


industries and fields covered


Over the past ten years, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has developed more than 50 new polymer systems designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. And Polymères Technologies participates in industry events worldwide in order to remain at the forefront of all new trends and technologies on the market.

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POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES can provide the expertise you need to reach your goal. Let’s work together to make all of your projects a success.When you work with us, you are working with experts in the field of thermosetting plastic materials. We know the composition of every one of our products, and we understand how to use them.

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