Filled Fast Cast Polyurethane Resin – Pot life 15 minutes – TECHNO CAST™ 3499 LPL

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TECHNO CAST 3499 LPL is a semi-rapid, two-part pre-filled polyurethane-based casting system a demolding time of less than 2 hour, depending on the design of the part and its density. POLYMERS TECHNOLOGIES INC offers a broad selection of filled Fast Cast Polyurethane resins, ideal for crafting master models, core models, quick negatives, and patterns.

Fast Cast Polyurethane Resin: Filled TECHNO CAST™ 3499 LPL excels in producing master, core models, negatives, short series parts, prototypes, templates, molds, models, and production parts in the fields of foundry, prototyping, thermoforming, and traditional molding. It is also suitable for patterns with substantial dimensions, showcasing minimal shrinkage.

Key Features:

  • Working time 15-18  minutes at 22°C/72F
  • Fast demolding time of ~ 2 hour
  • Good temperature resistance after thermal treatment
  • Excellent heat dissipation ( Fillers)
  • Virtually no shrinkage.
  • Simple 1:1 volume ratio for ease of use
  • Final Hardness of 80D+