Elastomer Polyurethane Casting Resin 80 SHORE A – TECHNO CAST™ 3180

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TECHNO CAST™ 3180 is a two-component, 100% solids elastomeric molding resin that boasts an easy 1/1 volume ratio, a hardness rating of 80 shore A, and exceptional efficiency. TECHNO CAST™ 3180 is specifically designed for creating molds for parts with non-pronounced negative angles, simplifying the demolding process. Its remarkably low viscosity enables casting without the need for a vacuum or autoclave.

Ideal for making molds for concrete castings such as lightweight concrete stones, architectural moldings, statues among many others.

  • Low viscosity
  • Hardness of 80 SHORE A
  • 100% Solid, 0% VOC
  • Formulated for mold making
  • High resistance to wear
  • Flexible with good resistance to tension/elongation and tearing
  • Can be used as an encapsulating resin elastomer for electrical parts