Food Safe Flexible Platinum Cure Silicone Molding Resin – SILICONE CAST™ 30

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SILICONE CAST™ 30 is a two-component silicone, low viscosity, flexible (30 Shore A) platinum-curing system which vulcanizes at room or heated temperature. This versatile silicone system is suitable for the molding of a variety of products such as arts and crafts, prototyping, architectural elements, jewelry, candles, soaps, chocolate, and a myriad of industrial applications including vacuum bagging, wind turbine blades, rock climbing holds, and more. SILICONE CAST™ 30 can be used for a long period of time within a temperature range of 50°C to 200°C without losing its physical properties. Platinum-cured silicone molds are known for their great durability. These molds are resistant to extreme temperatures and heavy use, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of applications. They also provide better surface quality for casting clear resins

Key Features :

  • Shore A30 hardness
  • 50 Min Working Time
  • High Temperature Resistance :  50°C to 200°C
  • Easy 1:1 Ratio
  • Food-grade, No VOC
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Easy demolding procedure
  • Excellent flow leveling for copying the finest details and patterns