Methacrylate-Based Structural Adhesive – TECHNO CRYL™ 8050

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TECHNO CRYL 8050, a high-performance methacrylate-based structural adhesive meticulously engineered to create robust bonds between a wide range of materials, including engineered thermoplastics, thermosets, glass, composites, nylon, ecoat, and metal, whether used individually or in combination.

TECHNO CRYL 8050 simplifies your bonding process by forming resilient and enduring connections without the need for surface cleaning, sanding, or chemical wipes. Its exceptional durability and impressive resistance to environmental factors make it the go-to choice for demanding applications, ensuring your bonds stay strong and reliable even in challenging conditions.

Key Features:

  • Excellent impact and vibration resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Easy application
  • Thixotropic (non-drip)
  • Highly versatile
  • Suitable for various industries including automobile, aerospace, marine, construction, and more.