Filled Ultra Fast Cast Polyurethane Resin – Pot life 5 minutes – TECHNO CAST™ 3499 F

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TECHNO CAST™ 3499F – a Ultra rapid, two-part polyurethane-based casting system. This innovative system enables demolding in under 35 minutes, contingent on the part’s design and density. With its low viscosity and minimal shrinkage characteristics, it facilitates the casting of small to medium-sized parts while preserving intricate details. This versatile system is well-suited for producing short series parts, prototypes, templates, molds, models, and production components. It finds applications in various industries, including foundry and thermoforming.

Key Features:

  • Pot life of 5-7 minutes at 22°C.
  • Fast demolding time of 35 min
  • Good temperature resistance after thermal treatment
  • Virtually no shrinkage.
  • Simple 1:1 volume ratio for ease of use
  • Final Hardness of 82D