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Lowering silicone’s viscosity

It is possible to reduce the viscosity of our TECHNO SIL series (silicon based molding [...]

Post-curing procedures

Did you know that postcuring a regular or high temperature resin increases the shrinkage of [...]

Precise mixing ratio

A precise ratio and a perfectly homogeneous A/B mix ensures that product characteristics and specifications [...]

Demold time

In order to maximize the precision of your parts and molds, it is vital to [...]

Additive dispersion

It is essential to always mix the filling agents of parts A and/or B, depending [...]

Thermal shocks

When you apply postcuring to a high temperature system, it is important to leave the [...]

Mass density

When casting a part or mold, their mass density will have a large impact on [...]

Silicone release agents

If you are casting a two-part silicon mold and you want to avoid the two [...]

Resins containers storage

It is important to store your resin containers in a place where temperature is at [...]

Reactive pigments

In a global quality approach, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES works only with reactive pigments, specifically pigments that [...]

Vacuum degassing silicone

Exposing a silicon mix from our TECHNO SIL series to a vacuum increases the reactivity [...]

Silicone spraying

Silicon-based release agents, such as TECHNO RELEASE 110 and 113, used with spraying equipment, produce [...]