calculate the quantity of resin you need for your project

How much resin do I need?

How to find out the quantity of resin you need ?  How much resin will you need for a single coat ? What coverage is allowed with your kit of resin ? Be an informed resin buyer and do your homework first !

I/ Calculate the volume of resin to be casted

1/ Find out the  volume  in cubic inches or in cubic centimeters

Before embarking on your project, you should determine what  are the dimensions of your mold and what quantity of resin you need to pour. Make sure your dimensions are given in one single unit.

Length in inches x width in inches x thickness in inches = volume  in cubic inches

Length in cm x width in cm x thickness in cm  = volume  in cubic centimeters

2/ Find out how much liters you can pour in such a volume

Volume in cubic inch x 16.38 ml /1000 = Liters

*NB: 1 cubic inch = 16.38 ml

Volume in cubic centimeters /1000 = Liters

Remember to allow at least 3 % more of product to compensate for losses

II/ Calculate the coverage allowed by one coat

1/ Find out the quantity of resin contained in your kit in milliliters

If you only know the weight of  your kit of resin, you will need to know the specific gravity of the product.

Example 1:   1 kit of  our product  T-3056  in 4 kg  with a specific gravity of 1.08

In this kit you have  4/ 1.08 = 3.703 liters or 3703 milliliters

Example 2 :  1 kit of Chill Ice 1  format  1.5 Litres = 1500 milliliters

2/ Find our the quantity of resin in cubic inch

Prerequisite : you need to know a theoretical thickness of  one single coat.

With a product like  Chill Ice 1 applied in a theoretical layer of 1/4 inch thick, the quantity of resin in one square foot*  is :

12 x 12 x 0.250 = 36 cubic inch on 1 square foot

*NB: 1 foot  = 12 inches

3/ Find out the auantity of resin on a square foot.

One cubic inch equals  16.38 milliliters

36 x 16.38 = 589.68 milliliter  per square foot

Allow for at least 3 % more of product to compensate for losses ,  thus a total amount of  = 607.37 millilitres

4/  Which format do you need ?

With a 1.5 Liter format that equals 1500 ml,   you can coat

1500/ 607.37 = approx. 2.47 square feet.

Any more calculation request ? Ask Prof Paul Himmer for more lessons …

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