Discover 10 tips for mastering mold making !


10 tips for mastering mold making

Are you about to make a mold with a thermosetting resin? No matter you use a urethane or a silicone-based resin, take a look at this list of tips we have compiled for you to master mold making.

1. Make sure your working environment is optimal : temperature is around 22°C and relative humidity rate do not exceed 60%.

2. The surface of the master should be perfectly sealed. In case the master’s surface has porosities (especially when it is made of wood, plaster or concrete), apply one or two layers of sealer.

3. When a release agent is required (not required when it is a silicon), be sure it is a good quality product. Completely compatible with the resin you use.

4. Make sure to select the right rigid or elastomeric casting system for the parts or pieces to be molded.

5. Part A (the Resin) and Part B (the Hardener) shall be stirred separately before being mixed together. Do not hesitate scraping the bottom and sides of the containers.

6. MEASURE carefully the correct ratio of resin and hardener, by weight or volume, as indicated on the technical data sheet of the manufacturer.

7. MIX thoroughly until the mixture is perfectly homogenous. However do not stir too vigorously to minimize the formation of air bubbles.

8. Cast a thin layer of product starting at a strategic point, depending on the master piece design.

9. Make sure the cure is entirely completed before attempting the demolding process.

10. Do not forget a regular maintenance of the mold in order to avoid the release agent to accumulate


Having followed all these steps correctly, you should obtain a perfect mold.  However, if the results are still way below your expectations, you may probably need the help of our experts… Consult