Fire-retardant Epoxy Laminating Resin – TECHNO LAM™ 8090-FR

TECHNO LAM™ 8090 FR, a two-part Fire Retardant Epoxy Laminating Resin crafted from 100% reactive materials. This versatile epoxy isn’t just suitable for applications requiring fire-retardant compliance; it’s also an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial uses. Its low viscosity, slight thixotropy, and exceptional wetting properties make it the perfect compound for industrial applications, including mold and die manufacturing, as well as composite part production. Moreover, it serves as a robust structural reinforcement for polystyrene panels and components and excels as an adhesive.

TECHNO LAM™ 8090 FR: tailored for fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar materials. Perfect for aerospace, prototyping, and composite part fabrication, facilitating mold creation and superior laminated parts. One standout feature of this system is its remarkable dimensional and thermal stability, setting a new industry standard. It’s also an ideal choice for assembling composite cores utilized in the aeronautical field.

Key Features:

  • Pot life of 30 minutes at 22°C.
  • Fire-retardant properties.
  • Impressive Tg (glass transition temperature) of 239°F (114.8°C).
  • Complies with the UL94V-0 fire-retardant standard.
  • Demonstrates excellent thixotropy.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Comprises 100% solid components.