Thixotropic Polyurethane Elastomeric Adhesive Resin – TECHNO BOND™ 3056

TECHNO BOND™ 3056 is a game-changing 100% solid, two-part elastomeric urethane adhesive. It is a thixotropic liquid with a pot life short enough to obtain a good maturation period at room temperature. This product can be used to waterproof certain surfaces and act as a structural adhesive in aggressive environments such as chemical, vibration, immersion. and in abrasive locations. Ideal for joining metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, composites and concrete. Recommended for hybrid assemblies of different substrates with different thermal expansion rates and exterior applications.

Key Features :

  • Thixotropic Resin
  • 100% Solid, 0% VOC
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Resistant to wide temperature changes
  • Efficient surface wetting
  • Fast cure
  • Waterproof Adhesive
  • Good Heat Resistance