What work best for your application: silicone or urethane ?

Choosing the appropriate resin to make your mold is of course an important step in order to achieve good results for your final pieces, but it is also crucial from a rational and economic point of view.

How to know which resin works best for your application, its specificities and your demands ? What are the criteria upon which your selection of thermosetting resin should be made ?

See the table below and learn more on the respective strengths and weaknesses of urethane and silicone

Consequently, as illustrated in our table,  there is pros and cons for each family.

To put in a nutshell, silicones are usually the best choices for small production of detailed pieces that might need to be painted but they are also more costly.

On the other hands, urethane molds offer higher resistance and are well adapted to mass production.However if urethane molds are usually less expensive than silicone mold, using a release agent is also required.

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