How to repair wooden panels with a polyurethane paste and why it is more effective that most regular products that you regularly use …You will find here some suggestions .

Why a urethane paste works well and even better than what you have been using until now  ?

A urethane paste can be well indicated to repair fissures, micro-fissures, knots and all defects on the surface of solid wooden panels and components.

First of all, it can be more cost-effective than a wood filler.  Indeed a urethane paste will not evaporate. As a consequence, you will not experiment any shrinkage effect that induces adding more and more product.

In addition, it can be more efficient than an epoxy paste. As a urethane paste has a similar density to wood, it will not create wavy effects on the surface to be repaired when sanding it.

P-TECTM 8400 is a polyurethane paste that has been especially formulated for lamellated wood panels, table tops, wood furniture components, tables slides, etc.

This product is recommended for furniture, kitchen cabinets stairs, coffins banister, architectural mouldings and trims, hardwood floor manufacturers



  • Structural adhesion to all wood species (Mahogany, cedar, oak, ebony, maple, ash wood, cherry, linden tree)
  • Easy to apply with a spatula
  • One step application
  • Compatible with lacquers and sealers
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces with non-sagging properties
  • No shrinkage effect.
  • Fast and easy sanding for efficient production procedures
  • Fast curing time of 18 minutes to 60 seconds depending on procedures
  • No odor and non-toxic (environmental friendly)
  • Compatible with cedar, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, birch among others
  • Can be used as a structural adhesive wood/wood, wood/steel, plastic/wood, rubber/wood
  • Available, in 3 basic colors brown, beige and cognac (we offer the possibility to create intermediary colors  )


>  Sold in a user friendly cartridge  (400 ml)

>  Improve wood appearance

>  Avoid expensive wastes of unusable panels and components.

 * Approved by EQMBO (École québécoise du meuble et du bois ouvré)

Give it a try and call our experts to know more on this product 1.450.250.3058 

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