Construction Antimicrobial Polyurethane Adhesive Sealer For Food and Medical Plants – TECHNO BOND 8865TX™

Antimicrobial Sealer Protection for a Cleaner Environment

The TECHNO BOND™ 8865 TX is the ultimate solution for sealing and structural assembly needs. With its exceptional mechanical and chemical bonding capabilities, this two-component polyurethane paste ensures a secure and durable connection between wall or ceiling sandwich panels. Say goodbye to worries about water infiltration and the production of mold and bacteria in food, medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial facilities. Our product’s specially formulated composition addresses these concerns head-on, providing a reliable and long-lasting seal. Its outstanding adhesion to stainless steel surfaces makes it an ideal choice for metal/composite base walls directly on the concrete slab. Experience the power of TECHNO BOND™ 8865 TX, the go-to solution for reliable and high-performance sealing and assembly.

Outperforming One-Component Sealers: Unlike traditional one-component sealers, the TECHNO BOND™ 8865 TX surpasses expectations with its superior performance. It offers exceptional durability and strength, ensuring a more reliable and long-lasting seal for your wall or ceiling sandwich panels. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best with TECHNO BOND™ 8865 TX.