High Temperature Epoxy Infusion Resin – TECHNO INFUSION™ 8000HT

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TECHNO INFUSION™ 8000HT, a two-part High Temperature Epoxy Infusion Resin formulated with 100% reactive materials. Its exceptional low viscosity and superb wetting properties make it the ideal choice for manufacturing medium and large composite molds and parts designed to withstand high-temperature environments. What sets this system apart in the industry is its ability to achieve its impressive thermal capabilities with a mere 5-hour post-curing schedule, resulting in a hardness rating of 85 Shore D.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding wetting properties
  • Exceptional resistance to high temperatures
  • Very low viscosity when mixed (450 cps)
  • Extended pot life of 215 minutes at 22°C
  • Swift and cost-effective post-curing schedule
  • Glass transition temperature of 190°C (375°F).