Industrial Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating – SHIELD-TEC™ 802F

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SHIELD-TEC™ 802F is a two-part, SHIELD-TEC™ 802F is a high-performance two-part epoxy floor coating that stands out for its remarkable qualities. 100% solid, low odor epoxy floor coating that provides a colorful, glossy, lightly textured finish. Its finish is durable and easy to clean on concrete and other surfaces subject to high humidity. This coating is ideal for applications in food, medical, commercial and industrial plants where frequent cleaning is required. It is waterproof and has good resistance to chemicals, abrasion and ultraviolet rays. Finally, in addition to its great hiding power, its recovery time allows rapid return to service. Ideal for agricultural and industrial buildings. This product is also available in a thixotropic version for wall applications (SHIELD-TECTM 802 W).

Key Features:

  • 15L pre-measured unit
  • Suitable for service areas exposed to high humidity
  • Seamless and easy to clean
  • 100% Solid, 0% Solvent
  • Antibacterial version available
  •  Low viscosity, self-leveling properties
  • Meets CFIA requirements
  • Seamless and easy to clean
  • Very good chemical and physical properties
  • Excellent impact resistance